4 Budget and User-friendly Home Digital Blood Pressure Monitors

HL-103WE-blood pressure monitor I

High blood pressure is the more common health problem among young people because of irregular eating habits and lack of exercise, currently nearly one third of Americans suffer from hypertension, which can be controlled by daily dieting and routine blood pressure measurement,regular detection of your blood pressure helps you know your health condition in time and provides some related information to your doctors for tracking. Among numerous products in the market, it is known to all that Omoron series are highly-recommended and reliable blood pressure monitor, while while are still other affordable and respectable blood pressure monitors for us.

1. EBL Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor, Large LCD Display, 4 User Mode with Blood Pressure Cuff and Storage Case – FDA Approved

If you want a compact blood pressure monitor for your on-the-go life, look no further, EBL wrist blood pressure monitor has a cuff size ranging from 5.3 to 8.5 inches, which is adjustable for most user’s comfort and easy operation, it only takes a small space in your handbag or briefcase, and an additional tailor-made storage case are provided for protection. Certificated by FDA and CE, EBL Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor gives you the most reliable and accurate readings with advanced measuring calibration. One big selling point is capability of storing 30 readings of 4 persons, which is a great item for multiple users. Offering a large LED screen for clearly reading of your systolic pressure, diastolic pressure and pulse rate. Easy operation is achieved by one-button control which make your heart rate measured quickly and accurately.

2. EBL Blood Pressure Monitor with Automatic Digital Upper Arm Cuff for Standard and Large Arms

Most of patients are advised by doctors with upper arm blood pressure monitor which has a more stable measurements than a wrist one, making is a great device for the old with arrhythmia and vascular aging brought by diabetes. EBL Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor is also featured with a extra large 4-inch screen for a good visibility, it runs on four 1.5V AA batteries or via a AC wall outlet, providing a good solution for indoor use or outdoor use. Its cuff size ranges from 11.8 to 16.5 inches, which fits standard and large arms with comfort maintained. As a functional family blood pressure monitor, there is no problem to remember 4 user’s readings with time and date, up to 120 memory readings. An complimentary storage bag for daily portability when camping outside to keep an eye for your blood pressure detection anywhere and anytime.

3. LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR, Activity Tracker Watch with Heart Rate Monitor, Waterproof Smart Fitness Band with Step Counter, Calorie Counter, Pedometer Watch for Kids Women and Men

Compared with other traditional upper arm and wrist blood pressure monitor, LETSCOM is a up-to-date watch that is equipped with heart rate monitor and other functions related with health such as Step Counter, Pedometer, which makes it a versatile item for your whole family. Real-time and all-day heart rate tracking is the most important benefits over other products, at-a-glance heart rate monitoring on the screen and receive a overall performance assessment with a personalized report including your rest/average/maximum heart rate. This item is able to connect with your smartphone via APP which also works as a helper to push notifications and remind you to receive calls and messages. Built-in USB plug allows for easy charge with any USB-enabled devices and computer; one single charge gives you up to 7 days of running time.

4.  iHealth Feel Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor for Apple and Android with Extra Large Cuff upper arm

App-compatible iHealth Blood pressure Monitor is able to connect with a Android and Apple smart device such as smartphone and tablet via bluetooth and get a more in-depth analytics and tracking than an average blood pressure monitor, moreover you can share your systolic, diastolic and heart rate with your doctor via APP, upper arm blood pressure plus app control both contributes to its important features which will be more favoured by seniors because of easy operation. It has two sizes for different users: standard 8.6–16.5 inches (22 cm-42 cm)and Extra large 16.5-18.9inches(42 cm-48 cm. When it comes to memory and information management, handy item is used for monitoring more than one person blood pressure in your family. Plus, an irregular heartbeat detector will tell you if you have an arrhythmia-a condition which often goes undiagnosed.


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